5 Years, 1 Month & 1 Week into Daddyhood

Do music
Shake pom poms around
Wear the crown
Wear a flower thing around your neck
Choose a figure and choose a soft doll
Spin around with the soft doll or dance with the soft doll
And dance with your figure
Actually… I’m doing the singing
Watch telly
Play on Hannah Montana Wii game… and the other Wii games
Dress up… but you two can’t… but you can get in your party dresses – and party man-y clothes
You can wear no shoes… and party around!
And look at photos
Read books
Choose a colour on the rug
Dance and party
Eat party food
Look in mirrors
Play games
Go on Bruno
Play on iPod and phones
Play outside
Water the flowers
Do some gardening
See how high you are
Have cake!
Pretend to be a baby or mum and dad or child or cat and dog or mouse… anything! Any princess or fairy or mermaid or prince
Nice things… just nice things
Brush hair… everyone’s hair!
Play musical instruments
Go shopping
Go to fun things… play things
Play with our teddies
Make presents
Play Pass the Parcel
Play football
Go to the park
Go to Cornwall