5 Years, 1 Month, 1 Week & 1 Day into Daddyhood

1. As a result of her recent transitioning from ‘Princess’ to ‘Fashion Girl,’ she has been choosing to wear more practical clothes, such as skirts, tops (sparkly) and leggings.

2. Concurrent with the above, she has been expressing her independence by going off to her room and selecting/getting into her outfit for the day (or morning or half an hour), thus negating some of the ‘getting her ready’ hassle.

3. Speaking of expressing her independence, she has recently learned how to swing properly on a swing, and she loves to show off her abilities in this respect, resulting in less swing-pushing for Daddy!

4. We/she generally have/has more to do at the park: kicking a ball around, scootering and all the usual park stuff.

5. As well as park stuff, she has a nice routine of things she likes to do at the library: colouring, reading, choosing books and going on a computer.

6. Plentiful packing of food and drink.

7. My lovely new flask.

8. Due to all of the above, a positive feedback is established: Daddy is happier, Talise is happier, hence we both actually want to go to the park more.

Happy summer daze! 🙂