5 Years, 1 Month, 3 Weeks & 2 Days into Daddyhood

me too

1. They are all so cheerful about their mundane (mostly) jobs!

me too rudi

2. Granny Murray isn’t a granny, she’s a nanny!

me too granny murray

3. The children are all so quiet and well-behaved and… boring!

4. Pretty pink taxi?! gaaaghhh!!

me too tina

6. The Scottish accents seem forced! (well, some of them)

7. Do they still need help getting to work?!

8. Hospitals aren’t exciting!

me too hospital

9. “Where did the time go?” The same place it always goes, you numpty… get organised and stop forgetting things!

10. It’s good that you’re happy about cleaning buses, but “pretty and radiant”? They’re buses!

me too bobby

11. It’s not your train, Raymond!

me too raymond

Thankfully T seems to have gone off it too… 🙂