5 Years, 1 Month, 3 Weeks & 2 Days into Daddyhood


Birthday preparing.


Successful avoidance of sickness!

… and the lovely grey beach of Seaton …

grey seaton beach

“This is dry water!”
“I love it here, I wish this was our home – a beach was our home!”



Whirlygig envy near Helston.

Porthleven surfer!

First sleepover with cousin.

ST011_Cousins 3_29aug13_0835h


Helston Railway…
“It’s Percy!”

ST020_Helston Railway 06_29aug13_1214h

“Can we go fishing one day?”

Cider in the garden… 🙂

Bittersweet completion of Farm Frenzy! (but I can still turn the silvers to gold)

farm frenzy java

Cousin Sennen’s lovely big shower…
“It’s like rain!”



Our holiday cottage…
Mummy: “It’s got a children’s play area and a picnic table!”
Talise: “And wasps?”

The compact and clean Poldhu…


1745h in the car on the way to Granny’s…
“Am I allowed to have a little sleep?”


When Mummy found 10p by Tesco in Camborne…
“I love, love, love money!”
– then when Daddy explained money can buy you a lot of things but not love…
“Or a dustbin.”


“Check mate Daddy!” (first game of chess… she even planned her moves!)
– & now she wants her own chess set…
“a princess one”
– because chess “is fun!”


Granny and Grandad and cousin Harry at Helston boating lake… and much scootering thereby!

helston boating lake

Triple ‘ambassador’ link:
1. reading in Barbie magazine
2. shower
3. ‘Barbie Mariposa and the Fairy Princess’

barbie mariposa fairy princess


Long walk to Praa Sands…
… surfin’n’sandcastling…

ST044_Praa Sands 1_1sep13_1149h

… & seemingly longer walk home…
– partially alleviated by roadside blackberries! 🙂

Then harbourside chips in Porthleven…

porthleven harbour

& last swing & play.



“I miss home… and we’re going there!”

In the car…
0245h: “I wish you could get a star for me, Daddy.”
0330h: asleep…
0339h: Broadwoodwidger
0353h: Sticklepath
0408h: a slither of moon
0430h: Twinkle Twinkle
0540h: Twinkle Twinkle
0552h: “Still sing!”
0555h: … awake!
0610h: sings… “I’m a little Cola… Bottle!”
0650h … home!