5 Years, 3 Months & 2 Weeks into Daddyhood

miley cyrus wrecking ball

The other day my daughter and I saw Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball video for the first time. Yes the original version, with nakedness and everything. I saw the nakedness, my daughter saw the nakedness, but her comments on the song/video centered around how sad it made her feel. My beautiful little empathetic daughter!

I don’t claim to know anything about what Miley has been through, but the uncomfortably vulnerable exposure of her body in the Wrecking Ball video and the emotionally exposing lyrics to this song left me feeling pretty sad for her – especially as mine and my daughter’s experience of Miley thus far has been as the bright and optimistic Hannah Montana.

Would I like to see the return of Hannah Montana? For my daughter’s sake, that would be nice. Would I like to think that Miley can be happy? That would be a hopeful start…

hannah montana pink red