5 Years, 10 Months & 3 Days into Daddyhood


I try not to get irritated by children’s TV programmes these days. They are what they are and they do what they do, normally in the best way they can. And then there’s the Doc.

It’s okay if you giggle,
This will only tickle a little.

(from the song, Time For Your Check-Up.)

I know the whole premise is to teach kids to be caring, nurturing, to look after their health and not be afraid of going to see the doctor… but sometimes seeing the doctor hurts! Having treatment hurts, stitches hurt, needles hurt and medicine can be damned awful. Doc McStuffins wants her patients (her toys) to believe all their fears are unfounded – which they generally are, what with them being toys and all, and toys not feeling pain – but what kind of useful message is this sending to our real, human children?

“See, Lambie thought her stitches would hurt, but they didn’t and now she’s all better.”

“But Mummy, do real stitches hurt?”


Of course we don’t want the kids to be to be terrified of going to the doctor’s, but should we lie to them to achieve this? This may work on their first visit…

“Do real needles hurt?”

“No, darling.”


“Mummy, it hu-u-u-u-urts!”

“Yes, but…”

“You lied to me! I’m never going to the doctor’s again!”

See my point?