6 Years, 3 Weeks & 6 Days into Daddyhood

I have my doubts about the educational value of some children’s TV programmes that purport to be educational – or have an educational element. Examples are thus…

Dinosaur Train – where carnivores wander pleasantly around their environment, eating convenient piles of carrion that just happen to be lying around.

Doc McStuffins – where you may be nervous about going to see the doctor, but there’s really nothing to be scared of… nothing actually hurts… and “it will only tickle a little”!

Mike the Knight, Sheriff Callie’s Wild West and most other young children’s TV programmes – where if you go around making mistakes and being selfish and stupid and self-possessed, everything will be alright and you will be completely forgiven as long as you recognise your mistakes and say sorry (even if you’ve nearly killed your friends by deciding to have a go at driving a train by yourself – and such!).

I understand the educational philosophy, which parallels the human accumulation of knowledge, whereby we teach our kids partially true generalisations, then, when we feel they are ready, revise the more complex and sophisticated details… but how useful is it, really, to completely misrepresent the reality of pain, death, consequences, and difficult emotions and relationships?